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Week 5: Panthers Game Dissection, Bucs TNF Preview

In Audio, Matt Chatham by Matt Chatham

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Former Patriots linebacker/special teamer Matt Chatham takes you through the a field-view, cause & effect analysis of the ugly Patriots loss to the Carolina Panthers–one that featured a defensive performance that was marred by glarring mistakes.

How will the Patriots respond to mounting uncharacteristic individual mistakes?

What are the little things they can do to fix a defense that’s trending in the wrong direction?

What’s going right that’s hidden in the muck of overall disappointing performances?

What must the Patriots change in a short week to ensure that this doesn’t continue against the Tampa Bay Bucs?

What changes–if any–are required of the Patriots offense as they compliment the struggles on the other side of the ball?

Tom Brady and the offense are clickling, and a ton of talent & proven leadership lives on the defensive side of the ball.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise if the Pats turn things around…but can they do it quickly with only walk-thru practices?

All this and more…