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Week 4: Texans Review, Panthers Preview with Former Patriot Ken Walter

In Audio, Matt Chatham by Matt Chatham

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Former Patriots linebacker & special teamer Matt Chatham dissects the thrilling come-from-behind Houston Texans game, then previews the Patriots’ upcoming opponent, the Caroliina Panthers.  Chatham is joined by his former Pats teammate & Carolina punter Ken Walter.  Wlater lives in the Charlotte area now, and joins the show to give his insight on all that ails this curious Panthers team after an ugly loss to the Saints.

Topics covered in this in-depth show include a thorough review of the state of the Patriots run & pass protection, the state of the coverage units, who’s showing up & who has a ways to go, and what vulnerabilities have the Patriots shown that the Panthers may try to gameplan for.

All this and more, so let’s get to it…