Patriots vs Falcons – How NOT to Defend Atlanta’s O in Super Bowl LI

In BREAKDOWN, Matt Chatham, Video by Matt Chatham

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Super Bowl LI is upon us, as the Patriots and Falcons square off in Houston. Suggesting defensive ‘gameplans’ for the Patriots defense in hopes of slowing the prolific Falcons O has become commonplace, but too many miss the point of what the New England staff will likely be focusing on…concepts that must be taken away, not specific calls or amounts of pressures that the defense needs to run themselves.

Former Patriot Matt Chatham walks through the pile of evidence from the Falcons first two games, the Seahawks and Packers clearly illustrating how NOT to play against Atlanta’s particular offensive approach.

This provides the real bedrock to formulating a winning gameplan against an offense that has scored at will in the playoffs…for some very specific reasons.